Our national team will prepare at the training center in Zwijndrecht, in partnership with Rational. This facility has been specially designed to prepare the Belgian team for the Bocuse d’Or.

Just like athletes at the Olympic Games, top chefs cannot afford to overlook details if they want to secure a medal at the Bocuse d’Or. Thanks to our partner, a kitchen has been installed that replicates the competition kitchen, allowing the Belgian team to fully dedicate themselves to the preparations for the European and world finals.

President and Chairman – Lode De Roover

Lode De Roover gained experience and knowledge in numerous renowned Michelin-starred establishments. Since 2013, he has been the co-owner, along with his wife Barbara, of ‘Fleur de Lin*’. After winning 2 national selections, securing 6th place in the European final, and achieving 8th place in the world final, he is ready to serve as chairman.

Mentor team

Viki Geunes

In his restaurant ‘t Zilte*** in the MAS in Antwerp, he cooks at a literal and figurative high level. Without formal culinary training but with immense passion and unwavering discipline, Viki Geunes has reached the gastronomic summit.

David Martin

Named Chef of the Year 2019 by Gault & Millau and a double Michelin star winner, David Martin is the chef leading the restaurant La Paix**, located in the Brussels Region. His extensive travels have inspired his cuisine, which is a fusion of French and Japanese influences, characterized by undeniable technical precision and surprising flavors.

Thijs Vervloet

Thijs Vervloet was named ‘Young Chef of the Year’ for Flanders by Gault-Millau in 2019. Today, as the head chef at ‘Colette – De Vijvers**’ restaurant, this Michelin-starred chef cooks in a spacious and modern building by the lakes of Averbode.

Promotion Manager – Barbara Dhondt

Barbara Dhondt
Barbara has closely followed her husband’s two previous participations, and she knows exactly what the competition entails. This can only enhance and strengthen the team’s operation. Barbara serves as the promotion manager of the Belgian team. She handles not only internal but also external communication. Additionally, she takes care of the logistics, both in front of and behind the scenes, ensuring the team’s smooth operation and organization.

Pappi Bosuse – Ferdy Debecker

Ferdy Debecker is our most recent medalist at the Bocuse d’Or world final. Furthermore, he served as the chairman of the Bocuse winners and chairman of Bocuse d’Or Belgium. Ferdy was the driving force and working power behind Bocuse d’Or Belgium for years, and together with his wife Ann, they also run the restaurant Eyckerhof* in Bornem. Since last year, he passed the torch of his chairmanship to Lode De Roover.

Mammi Bosuse – Ann Vermylen

Ann Vermylen has always taken on the coordinating role, both during the national editions and leading up to the European and world finals. Thanks to Ann, everything ran smoothly, without any chef having to worry about everything that happened outside the kitchen in terms of organization. Barbara took over Ann’s responsibilities since last year. However, Ann is still readily available to offer guidance and support when needed.

Honorary Chairman – Peter Goossens

Peter Goossens, from restaurant Hof van Cleve***, served as the President of the Jury for the Belgian Bocuse d’Or Team until 2019 and will now act as Honorary Chairman.
Thank you, Peter, for the years of collaboration!