Europese finale

The European final will take place in Estonia in 2020. Our candidate chef, his/her commis and coaching team will represent our country in this final. In order to qualify for the world final in Lyon in 2021, we hope for a place in the top ten!


The Belgian Bocuse d’Or team will be coached by several chefs, presided by Nick Bril, chef of star restaurant The Jane**. Our national team will prepare for the competition in a brand new training center, built especially to train Belgian chefs for important culinary competitions such as Bocuse d’Or.

Thanks to our partner Maes Inox, a kitchen was installed that almost exactly matches the Bocuse-kitchen. We want our candidates to be able to prepare optimally for the competition. Belgium is going for gold!


The last time Belgium was a medallist in the Bocuse d’Or world final was in 1999. It was Ferdy Debecker at that time who was the competing chef. Now he is president of the Bocuse d’Or Winners.

It’s not surprising that Belgium has achieved a place on the podium many times before. After all, we have a high density of star restaurants. Our country still holds third place in the leaderboard of medallists. With intensive trainings of the Belgian team, we aim for a place on the podium yet again!